Monday, August 28, 2017

An Introduction to Psi-Wars

It is a time of civil war. The Federation, a coalition of noble houses that have ruled the galaxy for centuries, has been overthrown. Impoverished and alienated by increasing use of robotic labor, and incensed by the execution of a populist war hero, the people revolted and overthrew the aristocracy.

The leader of the revolt, a former naval officer, has declared himself Emperor on a promise to bring renewed prosperity to the people. To crack down on dissidents and suppress further rebellions, the Emperor has tightened his grip on the worlds of the Empire, giving agents of Imperial Security broad discretion in maintaining order. Abroad, the Imperial Navy conquers worlds, ostensibly for their own protection, but also to obtain their resources to feed an ever hungrier industrial-military complex.

The remaining noble houses, under the leadership of Duchess Nova Sabine, Duke Bale Grimshaw, Marchessa Anna Elegans, and Archbaron Kento Kain, have regrouped and reorganized themselves into the Alliance. Decrying the Empire’s abuses of power and pledging to bring a return to the golden era of the Federation, the Alliance stands in opposition to the Emperor’s increasingly autocratic rule.

Following a period of rapid Imperial expansion, the war slowed into a stalemate, and an uneasy d├ętente has held for nearly a decade. Now, with Imperial fleets marshaling at the border and fiery rhetoric holding sway in the Senate of the Alliance, a new era of conflict is set to begin.

On the ground, blasters rule the battlefield, while soldiers wear light nanoweave and heavier diamondoid armor to protect themselves. In theskies above, fighters swoop gracefully in intense duels, screening might dreadnoughts as they trade broadsides, the light of laser cannons large and small creating a dazzling display.

The galaxy stands at a crossroads, and the actions of a few brave souls may all that decides whether the future will bring renewed prosperity, brutal tyranny, or utter oblivion. Will you join the Empire in their mission to bring order to the galaxy? Will you join the Alliance as they seek to restore the Federation? Or will you be a free agent, charting your own path through the chaos of this war-torn era?

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  1. Some mention of Communion and knights might be good, since psi is a big enough part of the setting to be in the title.