Monday, April 3, 2017

Ravens N' Pennies April Patreon Review

Another month, another couple of specials for Patrons from the ever prolific Christopher R. Rice of Ravens N' Pennies. This time, there’s a trio of items. The first is the Mahotsukai variant of Ritual Path Magic that I’ve already reviewed in my guest post on Christopher's blog. You can find that review here. The two new items are Japanese-themed Ritual Path Magic spells and a fighting style for whip users. Let’s take a closer look.

Melee Academy: Whip Fighting

The whip is a versatile weapon, and in the hands of a cinematically skilled wielder, it’s capable of amazing feats like pulling weapons out of someone’s hands or swinging across large gaps. Whip Fighting caters to those who’d like to pull off stunts that would make Indiana Jones proud, and provides the basic skills, the advanced tricks, and advantages suitable for stylists.

All in all, this seems like a fun style use, and it’s available for $1 and up Patrons.

Boil and Bubble: Shinto Ritual Path Magic Spells

In this offering for $2 and up Patrons, Shinto Ritual Path Magic Spells provides four spells designed for Ritual Path Magic practitioners from Japan, especially in the Edo period. Two of them, Chains of Heaven and Chains of Hell are binding spells, flavored just as their names suggest. A third, Summon Kinzoku Samurai, brings forth a suit of animated armor to do your bidding.

It’s the fourth and last spell that’s most interesting. Summon Greater Kami is a ritual for contacting powerful spirits, and notably, it doesn’t give the caster any control over the spirit. No, these are spirits too powerful to be compelled, and instead the caster must make a Reaction roll, which determines what aid (or punishment!) the kami provides. This is a great idea, and captures the potentially mercurial temperament of such beings nicely. Even if you don’t use Ritual Path Magic, the reaction table can be used on its own.


This is a solid pair of offerings, so if you’re interested, go support Christopher R. Rice over on Patreon before the end of April.

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